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Chronicles Exclusive: Manuel Ferrara

Exclusive: Manuel Ferrara

Manuel Ferrara is the best-known and recognizable French actor on the other side of the Atlantic. Nicknamed “Little Frenchy,” he finally decided to orient his career towards the US, leaving us without his beloved presence on the French porn scene! We love our Manuel, here at Dorcelle: it was, then, only natural for us to begin our series of interviews with him. He already haunts our fantasies and, soon, he will be haunting yours, too…

DORCELLE: Manuel, let’s start with a short overview of your career. How did you get into this business?
Manuel: it was a mate’s birthday and we wanted to play a joke on him. We bought a magazine called “Casting X”, with the idea of sticking his head over those of chicks in hardcore photos. This magazine featured a column called “It could be you,” and I started thinking about it: we used to go out a lot, my mates and I, and they used to call me Rocco, so I decided to give it a go. There were about forty guys auditioning that day, only five made it through and I was one of them. Today, I am the only one among them to have chosen a full career in porn.

DORCELLE: why have you decided to move to the US, depriving us of your sweet body your presence in France?
Manuel: I had been working in France for three years when I met Rocco (Siffredi), who helped me to break into the European scene. Thanks to him, I became acquainted with John Stagliano, who really liked some of my scenes. At that time –it’s been already ten years– he was working on “Fashionistas” and he offered me a role: it was an amazing opportunity. This is how I found myself in Los Angeles. When we finished filming they offered me to stay over for a while to work and I ended up working there quite a lot!

DOURCELLE: do you ever think about coming back to work in France, or do you prefer the US?
Manuel: I’d love to work in France more often, but I find that there are not enough pretty girls in the business, which is a paradox. I mean, there are, but they certainly are not the girls of when I used to be a porn fan, those I used to dream about.

DORCELLE: tell us about your latest scene.
Manuel: I filmed a scene with a French girl, actually, Anissa Kate, who is very pretty and nice indeed! It was for one of my productions.

DORCELLE: you have had a pretty long career, but you if had to recommend us only one of your scenes, which would it be?
Manuel: There are so many! But I had a scene with Kristina Rose, shot for Elegant Angel in the movie Slutwoman, which I think was the best of my career because there was a real connection between the two of us, real chemistry. In fact I often receive comments and compliments about it, and it’s usually women, so I’d say it’s a perfect scene for all DORCELLE’s readers!

DORCELLE: I must confess that we girls have a thing for exclusive and saucy details, so let’s get personal: which type of lover are you in private?
Manuel: well, it depends on how I feel that day and on the girl I am with, but I have to admit that, generally, what really turns me on is to give orgasms! It doesn’t matter how I get to do it.

DORCELLE: so you never let a girl go until she comes at least once!
Manuel: Well of course, it’s a must! It’s really important.

DORCELLE: then, what do I like to do to your partner?
Manuel: we are all very different, all women are different. I like to adapt to my partner: if she likes it a bit rough, or even brutal, then I’ll give her what she expects, whereas if making love means caresses and kisses on the neck to her, then I’ll do that.

DORCELLE: which type of porn do you like to watch?
Manuel: I watch a lot of it. At the moment, I am a lot into “Jaquie et Michelle” (a French Gonzo production). I like it because I don’t know any of the girls and some do some really hot stuff. I’ve also had a major GGG period (GGG is a German company specialized in gang bang, cumshots and hardcore in general), but to be honest with you, I love a lot of types of porn.

DORCELLE: ok, let’s ask the opposite question: what don’t you like in porn?
Manuel: I hate when a girl looks into the camera, because that really looks like she is working. I also despise those scenes where the guy gets a hard on only when he has to fuck the girl: I personally like to see some contact, a connection between the performers, otherwise it just doesn’t turn me on. I want to feel he really wants her and vice versa. I think this is why I really like the more amateurial scenes in “Jaquie and Michelle”, the girls do everything very naturally, without knowing and using all those tricks the professionals have, and that I recognize quite easily nowadays.

DORCELLE: On our website, we like to tell about our sexual fails and “epic fails”, do you have any?
Manuel: Yes, of course, I have loads! At the very beginning of my career, I used to work a lot for HPG. One day, he told me to meet him in an apartment he had rented for filming. So… I get there and this older lady opens the door. She must have been around sixty-five. HPG is late, so I start chatting with this lovely granny. She was so nice and kind: she offered me hot chocolate and told me that I looked like a character from her favorite TV series. She even showed me a book she had written, a volume in black and white that told her life as a whore…I remember it started with “I believe I became a prostitute because of my grandfather, who raped me…”. Loads of pain in those pages, you can imagine… Anyway, in the end I realize, because of the turn the conversation had taken, that she is the actress I’m supposed to film with!
HPG arrives and confirms it is indeed with her I have to have sex and that he had brought some X rated magazines to get me going. I try to make him understand that it’s really going to be difficult for me to manage, but then I see she has a porn VHS by the telly. So I decide to take it and play it in one of the bedrooms to get me hard, then get back to the set to film my scene, all while putting on a rubber. I can tell you it was really difficult because I was getting soft straight away… It was like: watch the movie in the bedroom, get horny, run to have sex with her for two minutes, get soft, get back to the bedroom for the video, run again to have sex with the granny and so on…
And this is not even the cherry on top of the cake! The room where we were filming was really small: I was there in the middle of it all, when all of a sudden this stench of shit fills up the whole place: the granny’s dog was sitting at the bottom of the bed taking a dump!
At that point I said to HPG: “hey, listen… let’s call it a day, I think you have enough for your scene, right?!”
I am not particularly proud of this episode, but it is still a pretty amusing story!

To enjoy Manuel Ferrara at his best, here is a selection of his best movies all for you, girls!

5 reponses

  1. Renaud Boulant 24 November 2012 at 9:46 pm

    Très bonne inissiative ! Je suis pour l’égalité homme-femme.

  2. jumpoutatheplane 26 November 2012 at 8:14 pm

    @Renaud Boulant.
    On écrit « initiative ».

  3. Moka 02 December 2012 at 7:38 pm

    Nephael prototype de viagra vivant… En faite le viagra a été conçu à partir de Nephael ^^

  4. Yoplaboum 05 December 2012 at 3:45 pm

    Dommage de ne pas parler de sa série de vidéos RAW, c’est vraiment ce qu’il a fait de mieux.

  5. Audrey 21 January 2013 at 9:43 pm

    Mais ce mec…
    Quand il veut, où il veut, autant de fois qu’il veut, tout ce qu’il veut!!

    C’est un bon acteur, mais aucun n’arrive comme lui à donner une telle dimension à la nana avec laquelle il baise. Pour une fois que c’est son pied à elle avant celui du mec!
    Il prend son pied à donner du plaisir et ça se voit…

    Merci pour tous les orgasmes virtuels Manuel :p


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