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By La Louve

I may be a cruel and nasty bitch but I'm damn good at it!

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Sex Tips The Best Sexual Positions for G-Spot Pleasures

The Best Sexual Positions for G-Spot Pleasures

If you want to achieve titillating orgasms which can provide an allover body experience, then sexual positions which focus on G-spot orgasm are the absolute best to go with.  For women who do suffer with issues that prevent them from experiencing vaginal orgasms, this could be all it takes to finally have that achieve that momentous experience.  What we are speaking of here are ‘tantric’ orgasms, which ultimately are fleshed out all over extraordinary orgasms.  Through G-spot stimulation, women can gain access to these.  Let us explain about the G-spot very quickly.

The G-spot is a small little area inside the vagina that is shaped more like a lima bean.  It is on the upper roof of the vaginal way, just as one enters in.  With your finger you can reach up and find a slightly rougher area of tissue that is about 2-3 inches in length.  It might even feel slightly spongy in texture.  This is your G-spot, that wonderful, erogenous zone that sends you into exquisite pleasure when manipulated correctly.

Stimulating it normally requires direct thrusting of the penis against it or even a dildo being pushed roughly in and out and sliding against it.  This creates intense feeling, which many women claim exceeds normal orgasmic release.  However, in order to really get it to work, a female has to be extremely aroused, which allows for the correct amount of blood flow to go to her genitalia.  Below we will explain 3 very popular sexual positions which more often than not work in helping a woman finally reach that G-spot climax, or in other words the ‘tantric’ orgasm.


Going for the Rear Entry Position

This specific position does put the woman in the ideal situation to have G-spot stimulation, however, as has been said, it takes arousal at the same time.  When a man carries this out perfectly, his erect penis should rub directly against her G-spot, and when he gets to thrusting more forcefully, it ignites that flame of passion that can drive her wild.  The best way is to have her kneel on all fours.  She should already be wet and excited before entry.  Her legs can be slightly apart, and her back slightly arched.  The best way to go about it is for her to rest her weight on her elbows.  Once her lover does enter her the feeling should be one of fullness, and it should also be highly sensitized with every draw back of his penis.  His penis will be making a downward thrust versus upward, which makes all the difference.

The Favored Kama Sutra Position: The Fusion

If familiar with the Kama Sutra and all those various techniques, ‘The Fusion’ should come as no surprise, although you might not be implementing into your lovemaking right.  This is a problem many couples have.  The man allows the woman to be more in control in this position as he sits prone on the bed with legs stretched in front of him.  His lover then lowers herself down onto his hard male member.  Her legs should meet up at his chest and her arms should be in behind, in between his legs.  The position requires her to rock her body in the way that suits her best.  The movements work somewhat like a piston with the in and out motion.  While the position can be uncomfortable for some couples, it does provide the eroticism that couples seek.  Women enjoy it, because again, it puts them in more control.

The Rotating Woman

This position is not known as well as ones like ‘The Flower,’ or even ‘Doggie Style’ are.  However, this position is highly favored in the Asian part of the world, and is fast becoming revered among couples in the Western hemisphere.  It does offer excellent arousal and a sensory experience that can drive a woman made with the need for more.  She is also more in control in this position, much like the ‘rear entry’ position previously mentioned.

Here, the man lays flat back, and the woman actually lowers herself directly onto him but in a backwards position.  Some might consider this the ‘Reverse Cowgirl position’ and it is very similar.  However, here she slowly leans forward until she is actually lying on top of her lover, but with her back pressed to him.  One of the best things about this position is in how it provides direct stimulation to the clit as well.  For women who have only been able to climax through clitoral stimulation in the past, this position could very well create a multiple orgasmic experience.

While in this position she is able to easily glide her body, or rather rotate her body in a way that resembles a figure 8.  She can grasp his ankles for balance as she moves, and then even slide up and down on his penis.  This position does pull the vagina extremely taut, which allows the penis to be held tightly, and with every movement it rubs directly against the G-spot.  This gives just the right amount of pressure and arousal, and for most women they do enjoy an explosive orgasm, most having a squirting orgasm in fact.

The goal of these positions is to help women achieve higher levels of pleasure, and to finally have an orgasm that is memorable and fulfilling to them.  Of course, there are quite a bit more than three positions that work incredibly well, but these will get most couples off to a fabulous start in their love making sessions.  Again, just let loose and allow your body to move the way it feels the most pleasurable for you.  These could be the prelude to some hot sex sessions on down the road, so they should be enjoyed fully, and of course remembered.

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