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Sex Tips Spanking


Your boyfriend has been a bad boy, but do not sulk. It is the perfect occasion to fulfill a fantasy: giving him a good spank.

To begin with, using your hands is ideal. Here is the basic scenario: sit down comfortably on the couch and ask him to lie flat with his belly on your lap. You will feel his erected penis and will be able to hold it tight between you legs while you punish him for his arrogance, or comfortably masturbate him.

Spank him firmly holding your palm flat, but cupping it slightly when hitting the flesh: maximum spanking sound, minimal pain and consequences.

You can use objects, too: it won’t be as sensual, but certainly more theatrical: sex shops sell whips, paddles and even “slappers.” If you don’t want to spend too much, try a silicone spatula or one of those pretty, neon colored fly swatters instead.

Always use your imagination: be naughty and alternate heavy slapping with gentle caresses with the top of your nails… be inventive with positions: ask him to stand up and bend over the table or a chair, or to kneel down with his head on the ground and his rear up towards you (level advanced: grab his penis backward between his legs while you give him a handjob, so he can’t move). Ask him to lie on his back bringing his knees up towards his chest.

Make sure you both agree on a “safe word,” as it should be for all SM games, so that you can play without fear and manage to avoid the dreaded “ please, stop, I beg you! Stop!” and resulting tears.

Be careful, though: it’s a dangerous practice. Your boyfriend may decide to be bad again, and let you punish him again!

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3 reponses

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  2. Coralie 22 February 2013 at 4:34 pm

    Tu ne sais pas a coté de quoi tu passes – ceci dit, la majorité des femmes préfère être fessée que fesser, parait il.


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