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By La Louve

I may be a cruel and nasty bitch but I'm damn good at it!

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Sex Tips The Joys of Quick Sex

The Joys of Quick Sex

It is impossible not to notice the overwhelming information campaign on premature ejaculation presented pretty much by all media (especially social media): premature ejaculation concerns one man in two (and every single man at some point in their lifetime). It causes “embarrassment, guilt, tension with the partner, depression and decreased sex drive”… in other words, premature ejaculation is ruining our relationships and our lives. Yep.

Looking for an effective solution that works, or buying “retardants” seems to be the wisest thing to do: one could try gels, anesthetic creams, retarding condoms or, even better, the actual “medication” (dapoxetine) produced by the very pharmaceutical company that has financed this “study” (or shall we call it a poll?).

But I am not wise and all this campaign does to me is making me furiously think of quick sex. Yeah, you know… quickies: the sex you have with your clothes on, but spontaneous and passionate. Those furtive embraces behind double doors, those doggy-style exploits on the staircase, the standing-up fuck against the walls of an elevator or the cow-girl one in your car, in a near empty parking lot.
The train, the museum or any other place tingling your curiosity: your kitchen (while your guests are in the dining room, waiting for dessert), or the entrance of your apartment (just before you go to work) can be just as exciting as a public place.

Take advantage of good weather: dresses and skirts are perfect for a quick and satisfying encounter and the lightheartedness that comes with the sun only help us to spice up our performances and break old habits.

Start with talking your man out of his performance anxiety: according to a (respectable) study conducted by the Society for Sex Therapy and Research, you only need between three and ten minutes of penetration to achieve satisfaction.

When it comes to quick sex, the less the better: you can reach an orgasm in two minutes, maybe less, thanks to the adrenaline. Do not hesitate to masturbate to speed up the deed and enhance your pleasure. And that of your man.

Always remember that, in the end, it is you and your partner who decide if ejaculation is premature or not, not a chronometer.
It is up to you, now, to race (and win) against time…

Coralie Trinh Thi

1 reponse

  1. Tohkar 01 June 2013 at 8:23 pm

    On parle souvent des précoces mais rarement des retardataires, qui peuvent expérimenter quelques petits soucis avec le quick sex :p

    Sinon à part ça, je viens de tomber sur ce site “pour femmes”, et faut croire que je préfère le porno vu par les femmes parce que j’ai dévoré tous les editos d’un coup et récupérer plus de films/scènes que ça devrait être permis…pour une soirée tout du moins!

    J’attends avec impatience l’astro sexe de la Vierge, je sens que je vais me marrer !


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