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By Trinity

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Sex Tips Top Five Ways to Arouse Your Lover 1/2

Top Five Ways to Arouse Your Lover 1/2

No matter how casual the relationship, making love begins in the mind. In this day of modern technology, we process billions of bits of information every day. Our mind is bombarded with imagery, computer graphics, research, work projects, and more; all vying for attention in the mere 10% of our brains that we draw on.  This can make us preoccupied with our routines and less attentive to our personal and sexual needs. Sex begins in the brain, but it’s not all about the brain. Thus, we must make a concerted effort to take time out for the hedonistic pleasure that our bodies demand.

It is important to keep your personal needs in the forefront, and here are 5 of the most creative ways to arouse your lover…

Sext message via Smart Phone

Here we will go just a little further than sending soft erotica pictures of yourself to your lover. Think of those times when you were so aroused that you simply had to take matters in hand. Your lover may be at work, hanging out with the guys, shopping with her mother; they are just not available. In order to get your lover in the moment with you, send the moment to them. Set yourself up for some romantic masturbation; keep your cell phone handy. Call your lover and tell them not to pick up your next call. When you are getting close to your climax, call them, and talk them through the moment. Let him or her hear you calling their name as you become submerged in a bed shaking orgasm.

Offer your services as a Cabana boy/girl

Offer your services as a Cabana boy to your lover and her favorite girlfriends. Tell her that you will be her personal attendant, and serve drinks, make popcorn and serve snacks, all while wearing sexy attire. Likewise ladies, your man can invite friends over for poker and you will serve as the bar hostess. Trust me, after watching your friends compliment you on how good you are to each other, and the thought of your friends seeing your partner in such a sexy way, can be extremely arousing. In fact, be ready to send everyone home early.

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