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By Trinity

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Sex Tips Top Five Ways to Arouse Your Lover 2/2

Top Five Ways to Arouse Your Lover 2/2

There are so many ways to arouse your lover and make your sex life passionate, creative and fun. The coals are always burning, all you need to do is to blow on them every now and then.

Practice abstinence

Knowing that you can have sex whenever you desire loses its appeal. Tease your partner for an extended period.  When they assume the position, or make an approach use your playful voice and tell them that you really are not interested in that kind of thing. Ask them if they would rather play chess, or scrabble. They will laugh at first, but stick to your guns until the begging starts. Avoiding having sex now and then, and saving it for special days keeps it spontaneous. Tell your partner 3 days before their birthday that there will be no more sex until their birthday. Make sure that your TV viewing and on demand movies contain plenty of mature content during your days of abstinence. However, expect to be awakened at midnight on their birthday. Plan this right and it can be a huge turn on.

Create a sexual mood

Make your movie night special. Instead of picking up a movie at the video rental box, stop by the sex novelty store and pick up some soft porn. The object here is to be subtle. Hard core porn is okay for those who enjoy it, approach the warming of you mind as you would in touching one another; soft and subtle, even though your intent is very deliberate and clear. During the movie, it is ok to get naked and tantalize each other a sensual massage, without focusing on sex.

Time your exit

Thus, we must make a concerted effort to take time out for the hedonistic pleasure that our bodies demand. If you are in a habit of morning sex a few days a week, you probably have your schedule down. Find a way to delay the initiation of morning sex just enough to where completing the act would definitely make you late. At an opportune time, when you are definitely engaged in the act, you become totally cognizant that you have a terribly important meeting and you will have to “finish” when you get home tonight. Even if you partner is supportive and helps you rush out the door, the unfinished business will run through their mind all day along, especially when you send them enticing texts during the day.


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