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Sex dares Libertinism


Libertinism. Here is a word that has been lately used in every possible way. One might now wonder if libertinism just means “adultery” or “gang bang in a dodgy club”. Absolutely not! Many practices can be incorporated in that frame, and we have chosen 2 films that cover the subject in a classy and glamourous way.

Katsuni’s orgy

You can feel a strong sexual atmosphere as soon as the film starts: a deep dive within the heart of Katsuni’s orgy. A beautiful and fine mood that makes you want to be there! WE can clearly see that the actors were only given one order: to treat themselves. As viewers, we have a walk in this scene where libertinism is king.

Claire Castel, how I became…

In this movie, Claire Castel becomes initiated – and we with her- to libertinism. As a diary, she guides us in this world of fantasies, and goes from having sex with a single stranger to group scenes and swinging. Many practices that some of us dream of without knowing how to take the plunge. As for myself, I wanted to be with her or even be her, watching her discovering her sexuality, hoping to find the boldness she has in this movie!

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  1. Jaquet 14 December 2012 at 9:59 am

    Comment faire pour visionner les vidéos depuis mon i pad?

  2. fabio paanico 13 April 2013 at 1:42 pm

    Grande sito


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