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By La Louve

I may be a cruel and nasty bitch but I'm damn good at it!

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Sex Tips 3 Hot Sex Styles That Never Get Boring

3 Hot Sex Styles That Never Get Boring

If you’re footloose and fancy free (meaning no sexual hang-ups) then new sexual styles, and even experiences can be a highlight at the end of a demanding workweek for you.  Some find new sexual techniques relaxing, and it when it comes down to specific sexual styles, most who are open to new things enjoy the sensations and pleasures that can be achieved.

Let’s take this moment to explore some of the hottest and most arousing sex styles that never grow boring.  Remember, it is your role in the intimate act, which has the most influence in what pleasure is gained for both partners.

More Sex Positions than Days in a Year

The sexual positions and styles you both might be interested in are dependent upon what you prefer.  For instance, you can certainly take doggie style to a whole new level.  Your partner can use his hand to slowly circle his hardened love tool inside of you while you gyrate back on him as deep as you’d like to go.

Putting more of an arch in your back can make the sex more gratifying too.  In this you’ll see that you can take an old sex position and turn it into something more personable for you both to get indulgent with.  The key is to keep an open mind!

When You Enjoy the Matrimonial Position More

There’s nothing wrong with wanting it, right?  Many women love their man on top of them because he has more control, and the dominance with that is a turn on for some.  However, he doesn’t have to lie on top of you to be on top of you.  He can balance his weight on the palms of his hands and thrust into you as deeply as you beg him too.

Also, he can keep his weight on his knees and hold your legs as far apart as you’d like to go extremely deep.  There are many ways to view this position, but here again, this can be personalized to suit each pair of lovers!  There is absolutely no way one could ever become bored with the variety.  You can switch positions while your lover is on top of you as well.  For instance, wrapping one leg around his waist, or putting both legs on his shoulders will change the entire sensation of sex with him.  If he thrusts his manhood hard and fast you can have a very powerful climax.  Your g-spot is easily reachable in this position.

Standing Sex for those more Adventurous Types

If you like it intense and maybe even a little rough, standing sex against a cold wall pressed to your back is one of the biggest turn ons.  If you’re close enough to a footstool, or even a windowsill you can prop one foot up give yourself more freedom to take your partner even deeper.  If you want to go real bold you can have your partner hold you up, with your ass cheeks in his hands, as he plummets into you.  The flavor and the heat will definitely have you cum, and wanting more!   


Couples should always remember that sex is a personal experience, and you can make it into the most memorable time possible, if you want to.  You only have to step out of the old and into the new to fully explore your hidden desires fully!

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