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By Boucles d'or

Porn to be Wild

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Sex Tips Are you Up for Oral Sex : Get Wet N Wild

Are you Up for Oral Sex : Get Wet N Wild

It’s not the same old same old here.  Oral sex is hot, and if you want to do it right then you have to be willing to bare all, don’t you think?  The first tip that you should take into consideration here is focused on staying comfortable during oral sex.  Your partner wants you to enjoy this activity, regardless of whether they say so or not.

If you’re enjoying yourself then you can be sure that your lover’s hardened member is certainly having a great time from your adoring wet ravishment upon it.  Let’s consider just a few ways that oral sex can be a far more exciting experience for both partners!

Tip 1:  Relax and Get Comfortable for Extreme Pleasure

If it’s your first time performing oral sex, just relax!  Take your time and don’t force anything.  Oral sex is far more pleasing when you approach that love tool with seductive moves, versus shoving that plaything right in your mouth!  Women every where will say that the more you allow yourself to relax and warm up to the experience, the wetter you, yourself might become from it.  Yes, it can be an extreme turn on for women!

Now ladies, you do want to pay attention to your teeth when you’re sucking your man.  This is a common problem.  You can gently rake them across him, but not too hard, and certainly don’t go too soft.  If his dick stays hard, you know you’re doing something right.  It’s a learning experience.  Stay confident and focused though if you want him to cum!

Tip 2:  Guys and Gals – Tell your Lover What You Enjoy

Yes, wherever her tongue goes, make noise men!  Don’t sit there in silence just soaking up the pleasure.  Sure, your love pole might be hard and rigid, signaling to her that you’re enjoying yourself, but most women prefer to hear you say things, or at the very least, move some while in that silken wet hole!  Shyness can take away from the experience so you want to be yourself.  If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, this should be totally natural for you because the trust is there.

Further, ladies, you should allow yourself to enjoy cunnilingus when it is given to you as well.  This isn’t just about sucking your man’s penis—but it is about both partner’s pleasure.  Too few women allow themselves to let go so that they can have that explosive release.  Don’t let awkwardness take hold.  Push yourself against him, and allow yourself to feel his mouth and tongue against you.  If you can just forget everything around you and simply live in the moment, you’ll finally gain that understanding of why this can be such an intimate experience between both individuals.

Tip 3: Girls, Leave the Worry of Hygiene at the Door

While some men might have some similar concerns, women tend to be more focused on their hygiene than men do.  There is this false idea that your natural aroma is smelly, or you’re simply not clean enough and this just isn’t true.  There is a natural, seductive musky aroma to a woman’s vulva and labia that drive men crazy.

As long as you cleanse yourself the way you’re supposed to, there is absolutely no reason for you to worry about smelling or tasting bad to your partner.  Once again, just let those juices flow and enjoy that mind-blowing experience.  Guys can seriously get off if they can have their partner cum while they are performing fellatio!

These tips just might make the difference the next time you guys decide you want to get together and have a more adventurous time.  Who knows, but we’ll leave it all up to you – just remember:  relax and enjoy!

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