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By La Louve

I may be a cruel and nasty bitch but I'm damn good at it!

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News Lick this app : how to do a perfect pussyjob

Lick this app : how to do a perfect pussyjob

And UP! And DOWN! And UP! And DOWN!…

No, it’s not a Jane Fonda’s fitness class but one of the three exercises of a new application. Well, more precisely a website : Lick this app, where you have to go via your smartphone. The aim is clearly to train your tongue in order to be a lady-pleasing oral sex professional!

You need :
1 tongue
1 smartphone
1 internet access
1 piece of cellophane (unless you want to lick your screen directly ugh)

Preparation :
Go on the website with your phone
Wrap it in cellophane
And GO Diego! GO !

1st exercise : up n’ down
You are in front of a switch that you have to put up and down. This exercise is quite easy but not really exciting, we quickly want to try the next one.

2nd exercise : circles
Here, you need to carve pencils. So we turn, we turn, we turn…we turn mad! That reminds our first french kisses. Remember, remember, in ninth grade with cute Oliver. At the time, we were only focused on which way to turnour tongue,  and then yiha! non stop during 3 minutes.
Now we know how boring it is, so NEXT.

3rd exercise : freestyle
No rule is the rule! We have to touch the balloon to make it bounce without touching the bottom of the screen. We can’t really see what we are doing but here we go, we try to apply what we just have learned before. We pull the tongue in all directions.

To sum up, you can have fun with this app. You can laugh with friends but you won’t be a god(dess) of oral sex. However the tongue, as a muscle, is also good to train.
Notice that we are talking about this app, an other way to train our tongue!!! So clever! ;)

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