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By La Louve

I may be a cruel and nasty bitch but I'm damn good at it!

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Chronicles Filthy Gorgeous Media

Filthy Gorgeous Media

You have two passions: Art and porn (classy porn of course!)? You will LOVE Filthy Gorgeous !!!

Trust me.

First, the play-on-words (which is an oxymoron) of the name is really clever. It describes everything. As Jeremy Frommer (CEO of Filthy Gorgeous Media) says ”All that is filthy is now gorgeous. All that is gorgeous is now filthy.”

But what is Filthy gorgeous exactly? It’s a conceptual website: half-exhibition/multimedia library and half-auction / museum shop. Inspired by Bob Guccione‘s collections, which include artwork and memorabilia owned by the famous mogul publisher of Penthouse(would you believe!) The result is a really complete and rich website that will satisfy nostalgic vintage porn fans.

The only drawback I can notice is the site map, a little bit too complicated for me. You can be quickly disoriented. It’s the other side of the coin when you have so much treasures to offer.

We discover videos, photo galleries categorized by periods, articles, auctions (with the excitement that goes with it), an online shop and so on. As you can see, you have to search, snoop, to dig up the gem because for sure it is on this site. Whether a 50’s pinup poster, an autographed photo of a former porn star or an old issue of Penthouse, you just need to be patient (and have a Paypal account).

To sum up, Filthy Gorgeous “is an ever-evolving testament to all things erotic, artistic, and sensual”. The works presented on this site “have paved the way for the cultural shift of the second part of the sexual revolution that began after the Kinsey Report”. Without it “there would be no “Victoria’s Secret” or “Fifty Shades Of Grey”. Filthy Gorgeous explains how we have moved from Caligula to Spartacus.

Here is a few well written articles that will make you want to discover more:

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