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By La Louve

I may be a cruel and nasty bitch but I'm damn good at it!

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News Get your sock out!

Get your sock out!

After Boobstagram, an initiative that invites women to post pictures of their boobies in order to draw attention on breast screening in wich the beautiful Anna Polina had taken part with enthusiasm, here comes cockinasock!

Brought by James Brown (nothing to do with the singer…), the concept is simple: boys post naked selfies, their willy swaddled in a sock to alert the general public to testicles cancer. Not as sensual as breasts presented in fine lingerie, but all the same enjoyable. A nice occasion to get an eyeful on naked boys for a good cause. You’ll find whatever floats your boat: hot guys, hairy blokes, chubby lads, small or sturdy ones… Aaaand the socks, only textile element : polka dots, stripes, patterns… exquisite!

We kinda like Alexy’s active participation, quite motivating:

This beautiful idea has always allowed to collect nearly 6000€ for the Cancer Research; so incite your man to set to selfies: his willie’s pic can save lives!

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