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By Louise

"Attention : le sex-appeal n’est pas un vibromasseur avec accus." Auguste Derrière

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News, Divers Enjoy the current DORCEL TV offer

Enjoy the current DORCEL TV offer

Dorcel is updating its offer on its adult entertainment channel. Marc Dorcel has decided to make you an offer that you will not be able to refuse.

  • 1 day pass €1.99 per month Discover Dorcel TV for 24 hours for only €1.99
  • 1 month pass -25% 14,99 € per month Offer without obligation
  • 1 year pass exclusive promotion -50% 49,99 € per year 49.99€ instead of 99€

The curious little ones wishing to discover a little programming, will be able it for less than 2 €, and 24 hours of entertainment.

For some of us, you will have to choose between a 1 month pass or a 1 year pass. Discounts are applied on these last two passes!

The end date of this offer has not yet been set, so hurry up and take advantage of it.

Dorcel TV special offer

What does the DORCEL TV offer contain?

The Dorcel TV offer is a site that only includes LIVE and nothing else! Forget replay and other SVOD. DORCELTV is the guarantee of a little onion programming, “themed programs”, reports, privileged moments with the actresses,…

You will have access to Live Dorcel, as well as to the D+1 version.

In short, Dorcel TV is content of the highest quality, to satisfy all your fantasies, and accompany you on your way to pleasure.

A total of 4 HD channels on which you will find the best of the sulphurous brand DORCEL.

You can enjoy Dorcel Live’s flagship shows such as PORNSTAR, SEX INSIDE and GIRLS ON FIRE.

Quality visual content like a some… Playboy TV.

To find content of this quality, you have to go to the US. The famous Rabbit brand also offers sulphurous emissions on its channel.

A mix of lust, glamour and voluptuousness, these are the key words of each of the brands, with international repercussions. Playboy TV offers Reality TV with live H24, with big women, formats adapted to the hits of the moment like the series, very famous in the US.

Playboy TV and DORCEL TV are worthy representatives of adult entertainment and they prove it with their very high-end visual content, to satisfy all lovers!Reports, documentaries, for couples, for us naughty women, or for any other person interested in the broadcasting of continuous well-being on a TV channel, the pleasure is within reach and the remote control.

Don’t hesitate any longer, and take advantage of Dorcel’s current offer to access its quality programming!

Low prices for such offers, we want them every day! The chic, sexy and glamorous universe of the French brand offers you its arms, let yourself be tempted, you will not regret it!

A festival of orgasms awaits you on the other side of the screen.

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